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Diversified Technique


Diversified Technique is the classic chiropractic technique that focuses on restoration of normal biomechanical function, and correction of subluxations. In addition, this technique can be used to adjust the extremities. Motion palpation and full spine, hands-on techniques are used to deliver a thrust, which may make a “popping” sound as the adjustment is given.

Flexion Distraction Technique


Flexion Distraction is an extremely gentle, non-force chiropractic treatment for back, neck and leg pain. The patient generally lays prone (facedown) on a special segmented, moveable table, although the patient may also lie on his or her side. Dr. Maeyaert then locates the source of the pain, and places his hand on the area directly above the affected segment of the spine, applying gentle pressure. The table then goes through a series of slow, repetitive movements that gently stretch (or traction) the spine. As the spine moves through a normal range of motion, compressed spinal discs are opened and pressure is reduced on the nerves and facet joints of the spine. Because this treatment is so gentle, working with the body’s natural design, it is very comfortable and well tolerated, even for those experiencing severe pain. Most patients experience immediate pain relief after just a few treatments.

Chiropractic Care


Doctors of chiropractic are trained in low force manual techniques, but can also use alternative methods as well, depending on the patient’s condition and preference. The first visit will consist of a complete and detailed health history. This will allow us to get to know you better as a whole. This will be followed by a physical examination which includes chiropractic, orthopedic, and neurological examinations. After reviewing your health history and examination findings, the doctor will explain the findings to you and recommend a treatment plan. In addition to chiropractic manipulation, recommendations for other therapies such as heat, ice, ultrasound, electrical stimulation etc. may be given. A treatment plan may also include nutritional advice, exercise and suggestions on how you can help yourself by modifying your daily activities.




Acupuncture is a form of alternative medicine. It has been around for thousands of years and was first discovered and used in China. The science behind Acupuncture lies in the healing art of energy that flows throughout the body. The Chinese believe that individuals house energy that travels along channels throughout the body, and if those channels are interrupted, the body is not able to function properly. By using Acupuncture, we are able to reset these channels and allow the energy to flow properly. Following a thorough history and determining what the problem is, a treatment plan will be specifically tailored to the patient. The patient is then treated using specific points along the channels that are interrupted using tiny, sterile, disposable needles. Patients seek acupuncture for various conditions including neck pain, low back pain, headaches, shoulder pain, knee pain, ankle pain, infertility, menopause, stress, fibromyalgia, stop smoking and much more!



Adjunctive procedures such as ultrasound, cold laser, Kinesio Taping, muscle work and electrical stimulation are a complement to the chiropractic adjustment. These help in reducing irritation, pain, and muscle spasm, as well as aiding in general relaxation.

Activator Technique


Activator technique utilizes a small spring-loaded adjusting instrument to deliver a focused, corrective impulse into the dysfunctional spinal segment. This technique is most commonly used in patients who prefer a low-force correction without the traditional “hands-on” thrust.

Corrective Exercises 


Rehabilitation in conjunction with the patient’s treatment plan of scheduled adjustments and therapy is imperative in bringing the patient to a complete state of recovery for their injuries and/or problem areas. Exercise and rehabilitation instruction aids in focusing on restoring health to the whole person.

Nutritional Assessment 


Nutritional counseling and nutritional support is available for our patients. As many symptoms and conditions are partially or completely due to nutritional needs, offering nutritional support is a natural extension of the care available through our clinic.



Our Story 

Elite Health & Wellness P.C. was founded in May, 2013 to provide chiropractic care to the Iowa Great Lakes region.  Our mission is plain and simple:


We strive to provide the Iowa Great Lakes Community with the highest quality chiropractic care and personal attention, while educating them to take an active role in owning and managing their own personal health – listening to our patients and treating them with the dignity, compassion and courtesy we would expect for ourselves.  We want our patients to feel like family.


Insurance Accepted

You will discover that many insurance plans, including PPOs and HMOs cover chiropractic care.  In the case that yours does not, we will work with you to find a way to help you restore your health.  We currently accept the following insurance plans:

  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield

  • Blue Access

  • Hawk-i

  • Medicare/Medicaid

  • Health Partners/Chiro Care

  • Avera Plans

  • United Healthcare

  • Auto Accident

  • Workers Compensation


Elite Health & Wellness P.C. is a provider for ICPC, a company that encompasses a broad range of health plans.

Accepted Methods of Payment

  • Cash

  • Visa

  • Mastercard

  • Discover

  • Personal Check


Elite Health & Wellness P.C.

2220 33rd St., Suite A 
Spirit Lake, Iowa 51360

Phone: 712-336-4848

Fax: 712-336-4980

Monday        9AM - 12PM | 3PM - 6PM

Tuesday        9AM - 12PM | 3PM - 6PM

Wednesday  9AM - 12PM | 3PM - 6PM

Thursday      9AM - 12PM | 3PM - 6PM 

Friday            9AM - 12PM


Our Address

- Julie T

"Dr. Mark is truly the best chiropractor that I have ever gone to when I am in extreme pain or just need a regular treatment.  He is a very kind, honest and gentle man who cares about his patients and is always willing to listen to your health concerns.  I would definitely recommend him for all of your chiropractic needs – he has new techniques of basic care and gives you instant relief from pain without hurting you.  I respect his judgment, trust him completely and feel very blessed to have him here in Spirit Lake, IA.” 

"I was having terrible stomach issues including bloating, gas and indigestion.  I was prescribed to take Omeprazole two times a day by my medical physician.   After a month of that protocol I wasn’t experiencing much relief and everything I ate or drank still bothered me.   During my visit with Dr. Mark I shared my frustration and he knew exactly how to treat me.  After some adjustments involving my middle back I instantly felt relief and have been completely free of my symptoms for one week – No Omeprazole!  I had my follow-up treatment one week later and everything is still in alignment, I can’t believe it!  Dr. Mark and his office manager Lynann are wonderful and very knowledgeable.  I appreciate their flexibility with my schedule – it’s never a problem to get an appointment.  I also appreciate his belief of letting the body heal itself.  I’m hooked!” 

- Cathy T

"Dr. Mark can tell at a glance what your problem is and will have you feeling better in a few minutes.  Also, he has you come back when you need to, not week after week like other chiropractors I have seen.  When you walk into Elite Health & Wellness, you are welcomed by Lynann the office manager, who is always friendly, kind and efficient.  I have never been turned down when I need an appointment, which is really important to me.  Both Lynann and Dr. Mark make you feel welcome and make you feel like they are really glad that you are there, unlike other offices I have been to in the past.” 

- J.T.



Dr. Mark Maeyaert, D.C., L.Ac.


Dr. Mark grew up south of Minnesota, MN on a farm where he helped his family with livestock and field work.  He graduated from Minnesota High School and went on to attend St. John’s University where he played Division III basketball and majored in Human Biology.  He finished up his degree at South Dakota State University and then attended Northwestern Health Sciences University and earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree.  He graduated in April of 2013 and had the exciting opportunity to open Elite Health & Wellness P.C. in Spirit Lake, IA.


He resides in Spirit Lake with his wife, Micaela.


Dr. Mark still enjoys helping on his family’s farm whenever he gets the chance.  In his spare time he enjoys playing basketball, golfing, motorcycling, boating, hunting, fishing, and many other outdoor activities.  He takes great pride in his decision to become a chiropractor and looks forward to sharing his enthusiasm for health with every patient that comes into his office. 



  • American Chiropractic Association

  • Iowa Chiropractic Society

  • Iowa Great Lakes Chamber of Commerce

  • Spirit Lake Noon Kiwanis

  • Knights of Columbus

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